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Steve Charney is a nationally known children's author, musician, entertainer, magician, ventriloquist, radio programmer, songwriter, recording artist and all-around nut.

He has also written dozens of funny songs for “Bear in the Big Blue House” a program that airs daily on the Disney Channel.

Harry, Steve’s dummy, has been getting on people’s nerves for over 20 years and yet, by his own estimates he’s only 8. His ability to make kids and adults laugh is the only reason why Steve keeps him around.


National Communicator Award-2001- Humor show
New York State Broadcaster’s Award, Best Children’s Radio Program


Articles on the portal:

Improve Your Onstage Performance

Working With An Audience Of Children

Best of Knock On Wood IV
The Doody Tapes
      artist's site
      The Pledge Of Allegiance
      Married Names

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Knock On Wood      artist's site

      This Old Man
      Harry's VCR
      The Lady & The Tic
      The Knock On Wood General Store

click cd for more      Ages 4-10


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