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Get a site that can play your music for only $5/month
If you don't have a website, this is a great deal. Your site can be up in less than a week. By sharing our domain, you avoid a domain registration fee, hosting fee, and the hassle of managing a site. You can even post your songs on your site so people can listen with RealPlayer.

The cost for a basic package is only $5 per month, and includes an audio enabled page, an email address, emailbox, and 3 audio streams (10 min. total time max). We will set your site up for you, or you can use any software to prepare your site and we will upload it.

Your site will have the URL:

More robust site packages are also available.



To sign up, or for more information, email a request to:

portal   @
(retype, don't paste this address, it has spaces to avoid spam)

Put "I want a site" on the subject line
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