A New Standard In
Childrens Music
Baby Growlers childrens music is now safely available
Long ago, amazing childrens music was accidentally discovered among the encrusted artifacts of Growlerville. The scientists realized the importance of their find when they couldn't stop dancing. When they finally got control of their feet, they found that they couldn't stop laughing. This was only remedied when they covered their ears to force themselves to stop listening to the encrusted childrens music they named, "Baby Growlers," emanating from their excavation.

Today, through modern technology, we have finally been able to render the first 5 cds of this encrusted childrens music safe for listening. Now you can hear for yourself what the talk is all about. And it's well worth the listen.









78 songs

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Silly fun smart:

Baby Growlers is a brand new childrens music series created to grab those little ears with the awesome power of sound, something they already understand. And we push those possibilities to the limit using the new recording technologies - making music from voices, sounds and animals, as well as traditional instruments.

We've got characters that you'll not hear anywhere else. They range in size, from the huge Growler Fred, to the tiny Mother Huhu, and they all can sing. Even the dinosaurs.

We've got lots of real animals who prove that they are more musical than most humans. There is even childrens music featuring sounds used as musical elements (in "Sneeze," human sneezes become percussion instruments).

The powerfully motivational grooves will get those little feet up and moving while exposing the child to a wide variety of fascinating musical ideas and truly unusual musical events. Our smart lyrics connect to a kids world, and always assume an intelligent listener, whatever the age.

The music styles cover a huge range, from marches to waltzes, hip hop, jazz and country. This series is known for its irresistable rhythms and memorable melodies, without ever being overly simple.

"We've got Growlers in our top 40 list - Baby Growlers is a hit.
Unique but crisp vocals are combined with interesting sound effects and
some of the best childrens song-writing found in kid's music today.
The result is fun music that does not sing down to your kids.
Growl on, babies!" (Kim Robasky, KidMixRadio)
Baby Growlers is the most innovative new kids music series available

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