How To Make Music That Connects With Kids
The Answer Is Not Simplification
The success of The Growler Tapes and Growler Radio
proves that children are turned on by intelligent ideas.
Smart is entertaining. Smart is cool.
And it is by far the best kind of humor.

In the new Baby Growler series, we've elegantly coupled smart songwriting with high end audio production to create a series unlike any other kids music collection.

Composer/producer Bob Sakayama has been developing this concept for over 10 years, and the results are impressive. A creator of music for tv and other media for 30+ years, he is a master of the audio arts. His children's songs have appeared in music textbooks and many tv shows. Baby Growlers became an opportunity for him to apply his expertise in high end music production to songs aimed at very young children. This series is a showcase for the state of the art. Read his comments.

But most importantly, Baby Growlers rock. Very solid, danceable rhythms accompany all songs. This series is often cited for the sophisticated lyrics and song concepts, and they are intentionally aimed high. It is true definitely that little ones don't need to think too much to dance and laugh, but if good ideas happen to come along with a favorite song, their understanding can be greater than you think. Especially when you realize how many times it gets replayed.

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Smart. Silly. Fun.









Music and Songs For Kids 2-6

It is a well known fact that young children learn languages better and faster than adults. This suggests that kids are not only more receptive to cognitive stimuli, but also retain more than we are able to.

They actually learn from what they hear, better than we do!

We believe that music created for them should take this into account in a meaningful way. Baby Growlers provide an impressive array of unusual stimuli, all as an integral part of the music...

Like our unique characters, transformed voices, and music using animals and sounds as instruments...

Or the introduction of world instruments, and sounds from other cultures...

A lyrical focus on intelligent humor and counterintuitive ideas...

Driven by the coolest grooves - pure fun, musical enjoyment at any level.

Baby Growlers - because children are smarter than we think.

78 songs

+s/h ($6.00)


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"My granddaughter went absolutely nuts over Baby Growlers!
      We were on a road trip and every time we were in the car
      it was the only thing she wanted. I was really impressed!"
      (Shelly Cohen, Staten Island, NY)


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