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Welcome to The Childrens Music Portal, an open source information portal. This site is intended to serve anyone who participates in, or benefits from, the artform known as childrens music. It is an ongoing repository for resources that serve our community. Check back, the site is growing daily. Childrens Music Mavens: Hear childrens music in the listening room, buy cds in the store. Childrens Music Artists: Get listed in the Childrens Music Talent Directory. Teachers: Find classroom resources and submit your articles.

You are invited to participate in the building this childrens music knowledge base. See the How To Partner link. Share your expertise with the childrens music community.

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These cds are the results of artist/producer collaborations that demonstrate mastery of the recording arts. All are outstanding recorded performances, representing the highest production standards, the best songs, the coolest childrens music grooves.

+Cool Bands
Yep. The best real bands that perform childrens music live. You can actually book these artists to perform at your school or event now! It's important to support live music and the people who create for children.

+Classroom Cool
Some of our artists shine brightest while focused on the school experience. These childrens music cds are the best singalongs, games, lessons, and other participation oriented activities designed for use with kids in a group setting.

+Story Cool
The best stories, told with voices, music, and sounds. These are audio experiences that light the fire of imagination with an aural feast of drama and music. A childrens music special category.

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As you might expect in any industry populated with artists, the childrens music world is a little weird. This is, after all, show business, where art is required to conform to the standards of commerce. But the childrens music community suffers marketplace realities that clearly work against the music makers on many different levels. In spite of an exceptional childrens music talent pool, and a vast body of great childrens music recordings, most of the efforts never even reach the intended audience. This by itself is amazing! Record companies do not generally invest in the careers of childrens music makers. And the public venues for original childrens music are sparse. Although the delivery technologies abound, our culture places little value on children's radio, childrens music venues, and it is not part of our lives the way the children's tv is.

Yet childrens music keeps coming. And there are some hopeful signs. Developing technologies are enabling promising new distribution and promotional capabilities for childrens music. Like Kim Robaski's KidMixRadio, streaming childrens music on the web. And subscription digital radio from Sirius and XM. There's pod casting (programming for iPod), and lots of download opportunities for childrens music, more coming soon. The ability to use internet tools to both find and deliver content is already having a great impact on the childrens music community. This site will attempt to put all these issues into a useful perspective. The Childrens Music Portal supports childrens music.

The State Of Childrens Music In America


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