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How to write articles to contribute to the knowledge base
Generally speaking, contributions to the knowledge base must be informative to our community. We are looking for 500-1000 word articles, but are very flexible. If you need much more space to cover a topic well, we will accomodate you.

The articles must be related to the topic of children's music, and contain information useful to others. We do not want articles that serve as promotion, overt publicity, or that serve any purpose other than knowledge sharing.

Personal stories are good, if they enlighten. This is especially true for the experiences of artists attempting to succeed in the marketplace. Talk about what you tried, what worked, what failed. This community is full of individuals who, by the nature of their personal experiences, can enlighten us all. We want your story if it contains specifics that others can learn from.

Write your article as if the people reading it are students, taking notes on the wisdom of the master (you). Be as specific as possible, and share as much real information and knowledge as possible. A detailed how-to is a good model for an article.

Articles on technical matters are also welcome, especially those that explain and reveal techniques in a way that others can readily understand. This would include hands-on applications of technology, overviews, and personal experiences in the studio, on the stage, on the road.

We seek articles by professionals in fields that work with children such as teachers, early childhood specialists, therapists. Anyone use music to teach languages, other skills? Let's hear from you.

Except for reviews, opinion pieces are discouraged, but we're willing to listen.

Do not write an article without consulting us. We are very open to any area of expertise, but need to make certain there are no major overlaps, redundancies, or misunderstandings of what is acceptable. We are happy to provide assistance with topics, and give you pretty much a free hand, but please understand that we must maintain editorial oversight.


When reviewing cds of artists on this site, please be sensitive to the impact your writing may have. What you say can have an undue influence upon an artist's livelihood, even when unintended. If you have a completely negative reaction to the work of an artist, we ask you to refuse the review. The point of the review is to educate the public about an artist's work, through your subjective lens, while pointing out features that distinguish. It's not a thumbs up or down kind of thing.

The copyrights to all articles, reviews, editorials, images and music on this site remain the property of the individual creators. The Portal publishes by permission.

If you would like to give us your input, or have a question about a potential article, send an email with "" on the subject line to:

(retype, don't paste this address, it has spaces to avoid spam)