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Arranging Your Songs
Great insights into the process by artist Bill Crosby.

First you have to have product. Here are some articles by producers who can help you create high quality recordings.

Then you have to be visible. There's much more to a performer's job than just the fun part, and you can't get gigs or sell cds unless people know about you. You can hire a pro, put in the sweat equity, or both.

Finally, you need a way to sell your music. This could be your neighborhood store, a record label,
your web site, or this portal.

Because there are times when only a lawyer knows for sure...


Advice From The Pros

Getting Started This is a must-read for everyone. From Michael Mish.

Developing a Career as a Children's Artist
Some simple tips to kickstart your career. From Lou Del Bianco.

Character, Style, Showmanship And Material To Improve Your Performance
Kids' entertainment veteran Steve Charney shares his advice about being on stage

Three Techniques For Being A Funny Success In Front Of An Audience Of Children
More from kids comedian Steve Charney

Jodi Krangle's songwriting resource for tips, tools, interactivities and connecting with other songwriters around the world.
Everything audio: from advice on streaming to sound systems
Our site, based within the United Kingdom, is designed specifically for classical musicians and classical music enthusiasts; for those who perform, study, teach, administer, manufacture or sell instruments, publish or promote….in fact, the whole classical music community.