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This is a great resource if you're looking for a song, lyrics, melody

Classic Songs:
huge list of classic kids and contemporary songs w/ midi, tab, lyrics
Richard Robinson's Tunebook: This is a collection of traditional tunes, and new tunes in traditional styles - Scots tunes, Irish tunes, Scandinavian, English, French, Balkan and more.
has huge free listings of classic song lyrics, some with music
very impressive collection of trad song lyrics/campfire songs
gov site with lots of classics w/ midi
Same site, but this is a kid's song game - name the tune
Charles Kelly's Links to Sites with Standard MIDI Files on the Web
huge list of sites with MIDI and digital audio
The home of John-patrick Yeiser, host of "Porch Party," containing multi-cultural folk music education for children. MIDI
lots of midi classics
midi classics
Mr. Roger's song lyrics, music
120 Disney songs, lyrics and midi
classic tv themes as wav files
A huge collection, text only
classic lyrics w/ pdf
classics lyrics
classic lyrics
lyrics to classic and modern
lyrics to bus songs
rounds and multipart, lyrics only

songs of the world:
lyrics and music
aussie and american songs, midi
spanish midi
christmas songs w/ midi


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