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Ray has been a custom woodworker since 1978, when he and his wife, Barb, started their own woodworking business, which Barb appropriately named, A Day's Work (in reference to their last name). In the early years he did a lot of custom woodworking to produce specialty cabinets and furniture--all Ray's designs. Ray and Barb often used their home for an Open House to display the cabinet and furniture projects he had created for their own family. In 1987, he was asked to make chime instruments for West Music, a nationally known music education catalogue. He continues to be a supplier to West Music, and since that time has developed other instruments and music education aids. In 1997, the music therapist at West Music requested he design what is now his Multi Instrument Holder for disabled persons in wheel chairs. His interest in such adaptive devices has continued, and currently includes consultations with music therapists, music education teachers, special education teachers, occupational therapists, and elder care providers to meet unmet needs. His most recent clamping devices and attachments have resulted from these consultations. He invites professionals in these areas to contact him to explain unmet needs they regularly face in their classroom or care facility, so that he can put his design and woodworking skills to meeting those needs.

Prior to the beginning of his woodworking business, Ray was a university instructor in adolescent and adjustment psychology, and involved in adult education and group program creation in university and church settings.

(ed: Ray can enable music participation by creative use of his woodworking skills.)
Check his site: for more information on this valuable service.

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