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Dog On Fleas (Dean Jones) has recordings in the store, and in the listening room.

Dog on Fleas

Dog on Fleas provides everything your kids need except food, water, shelter, and a reasonable bedtime.

That being said, just who are the Fleas and what do they want? They are a real band with real people (friends in fact) who happen to play for kids and their associates. They also play in other bands together, but as Dog on Fleas they have hit upon something unique and satisfying. Honest music with no genre boundaries, no attitude, no noticeable agenda, no self-consciousness, and only the most sophisticated kinds of cheese.

Dog on Fleas have just released their third CD, “Cranberry Sauce Flotilla”.
This is the best one of all!! Recorded in the living room at all hours of the day and night, and with all manner of acoustic instruments, this album is exciting to kids, adults, dogs, squirrels, you name it. The Fleas chose to not practice before recording. Band members brought in songs, in many cases very old traditional tunes, worked up arrangements, and recorded in 3-4 takes per song. Although a couple of songs were recorded in the studio, most songs used 6 microphones or less, with up to 10 musicians and at least as many square feet. And the results are honest and fun to listen to.

Reference Points for Understanding the Music:
What if Slim Gaillard was dropped in a room with Bob Wills, Spike Jones, Woody Guthrie, Sun Ra and NRBQ. And John Cage was in the next room playing Twister.

Here is the name-dropping part. Members of the band have played/recorded with the following: P-Funk All-Stars, Taj Mahal, Jon Hendricks and Annie Ross, Orrin Star, God is My Co-Pilot, Varnaline, Roswell Rudd, Sonando, Jad Fair, Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, Hopewell, Hubert Sumlin, John Hall, Artie Traum, Joe McPhee, Livingston Taylor, Carlos Valdez, Johnny Johnson, the Big Sky Ensemble. And you’ve secretly heard their music on Sex and the City, MTV Road Rules, Real World, Cribs, the Osbournes, Nickelodeon, VHI and Noggin promos, Red Roof Inn commercials, and other embarrassing TV.

David Levine is the author of books for schools on building classroom communities, teaching empathy and using music to teach social skills. He is also a Parent’s Choice Gold Award winner for his CD, “Dance of a Child’s Dream”.

Dean Jones is the musical director of a national touring puppet company, Arm of the Sea Theatre, and recipient of numerous composition grants from the Franklin Furnace Fund, Henson Foundation, NYSCA, Meet the Composer, and NLT Foundation.

Debbie Lan is the musical director of Hudson River Playback Theatre.

By day other band members are: parents, teachers, carpenters, plumbers, and people who dance and sing to themselves when you’re not looking.

Email: or visit

Press Quotes

“Like all good family-friendly performers, Dog on Fleas’ music works because they have obvious respect for their audience of all ages. Dog on Fleas has produced one of the best CDs for kids I’ve heard this year.” Kathy O’Connell, Metro Kids Sound Off!

“Targeting children but scooping up grown-ups along the way… Dog on Fleas is oozing from its eyeballs and ears with musical talent.”
John Barry, Poughkeepsie Journal

“Dog on Fleas doesn’t pander to children. It treats kids as sensible, thinking creatures that can make logical leaps in song”
Chronogram Magazine

“There is something here to make both kids and adults laugh…and there’s also something to touch every listener’s heart. Based on my own personal test run of “fairly good songs for fairly good kids”, Jones and company has successfully managed to cross the generations.” Susan Piperato, Ulster Publishing’s Almanac


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