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Selling cds in the store

If you would like to be considered for the
store, send an email with "selling cds" on the subject line to:

(retype, don't paste this address, it has spaces to avoid spam)


THE PLAN: Outline

There will be a one time set up fee of $35/cd * waived if you write an article accepted for the knowledge base.

Each cd in the store will have
      + thumbnail of cd cover art/text descriptive
      + 4 RealAudio samples for listening only (samples from all tracks are on the individual cd page)
      + link to a large version of the your cd artwork
      + link to your on site bio
      + promotion across the portal
            (your cd thumbnail with link to store sprinkled througout the portal)

Store will take orders, ship, and collect money via credit cards.

Because we are providing links to competitors, the sale price you choose for your cd on this site cannot be lower on any other site, including your own. This enables the store to honestly claim to have the best price. We are setting the shipping/handling fee very low (2.00 for one cd) to contribute to this price differential. It is critical that price comparisons including s/h reveal the portal store to always have the best deal on any particular cd. This will cause the site to be bookmarked for return purchases, and enable affiliate referrals.

The store will retain 40% of your sale price (s/h not included). Checks will be issued monthly when amounts due artist exceeds $25. Inventory will be handled on a consignment basis, artist is responsible for getting market ready cds to the store. Artist may withdraw at any time. Store will not accept product that is offensive, inappropriate for young children, or inferior in any way.

The copyrights to all articles, reviews, editorials, images and music on this site remain the property of the individual creators. The Portal publishes by permission.


What is the advantage to the artist to have cds in The Portal Store?

The Portal Store is a showcase.

Many artists already have cds for sale on their sites, CD Baby, Amazon and other retailers online. Why do people visit these sites and purchase cds? Our research shows that the majority of visitors to these sites already know about the artist, are directly referred by the artist, or by advertising. Presence in these retail environments seldom generate sales by themselves. Your cd is just one of thousands in a directory.

The primary advantage offered by the portal store is that customers coming here are already looking for childrens music. This is the best possible environment for the childrens music artist. Second, the Portal is selective about the music in the store, because we want to promote it. The cds for sale here represent the best independent work. Our visitors will DISCOVER you here, not because of advertising, but because of high quality, relevant content, and association with other top talent.

Using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, the Portal will rank high on the results page in searches using the most common keywords to find childrens music. Also because of relevant content, we receive constant traffic through incoming links from other children's music resource websites, including schools, libraries, educator's resource groups, and advocacy organizations. So the Portal puts your music in front of the people who are most likely to buy your product, at a time when they are actively searching.

The most effective distributor is one that helps the customer understand the product relative to the marketplace. On this Portal, customers can easily find your music, browse the reviews, read the bios, even listen to tracks. Very simple navigation enables visitors to compare products on their desktop in a way that is impossible even in a record store.

Use your presence in the store as a promotional tool that just happens to have monetary potential. Link to it and send your friends, but do not expect to make a lot of money right away just because your music is here. As a career artist, it's the cumulative effect you're after, the result of making many impressions, across every possible scenario. A customer may recognize your music in the store and buy a cd because they saw you in concert last year. Or because they browsed this site, and liked what they heard, someone may chose to attend your event. Or book you into their venue. The store is only one little piece of your enterprise, but don't just let it sit. It's a promotional tool - let people know you're in there. You also have available to you a special bio page. This is a full webpage with all your stuff - photo, articles, audio samples, links - that can help you sell your act, and contribute to your professional image. Like the portal store, it's a cyber pr kit, with the option to buy. Link to it.


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